Soonju_Kwon_Cover letter_A piece of sky“No one can own sky but it needs everyone’s care.”

In 2015, breathing was more difficult than walking on the street for some of us. This installation is a device that frames sky into pieces to materialize our airy space for public awareness.


Free floating shape of several plates are hanging from a unique truss. The truss is designed with continuous curved metal sheets that has various radius. Each of  vertical linear contact points will be tied with mechanical fasteners. Approximate dimensions of the installation is 8′ width x 8′ depth x 3′ height.

The art work is commissioned by the Salt Lake City and it will be installed at Downtown Broadway in 2017 spring.


Model photo


Fabrication progress 2017-4-1

IMG_4638 (1)Installation 2017-4-15


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